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Baby Banana Bunting Costume

Remember Bananas in Pajamas? You'd get up before your parents on Saturday morning.

Flip on the TV, and quietly watch cartoons until they woke up. Bananas in Pajamas would play the silly opening song.

"Bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs..

." This Baby Banana Bunting gives a whole new meaning to bananas in pajamas.

Your little one will be secured, and ready to sleep whether they are in the car, or you are taking a walk with them in the stroller. You want to stay active even in the colder months, and this bunting suit is sure to keep your little banana warm in the cold air.

And, maybe when they are a little older you can pull up YouTube and watch Bananas in Pajamas. Although, you may end up regretting it when they repeatedly sing the theme song.


Banana Flasher Costume for Adults

Well, if you want to get some good laughs with your costume this Halloween, weve got the perfect one for you. Fruit alone isnt all that funny, this is true, but there isnt really anything more hysterical than produce with a bad attitude.

Check out this Banana Flasher Costume and try not to laugh! In the fruit world, it is a well-known fact that the bananas are the crazy ones.

These wacky, potassium-filled guys are always running around getting into some zany trouble. What kind of trouble?

Well, they just hate wearing their peel suits so they're always finding reasons to unpeel and enjoy the breeze against their bare fruit. They describe it as an unfathomable degree of freedom.

So if you want to show off the naturalistic side of your favorite fruit then this flashing banana costume is perfect for you. You and a group of friends can all grab fruit-themed costumes this year and go out as the rowdiest fruit salad anyone has ever encountered.

You, of course, will be the wild card of the gang. While grapes, apples, and berries may feel comfortable in their own skin, it will be your duty, as the banana of the group, to let it all hang out!

Change everyones view on bananas this Halloween when you go out in this Banana Flasher Costume. Along with giving everyone an eye peeling experience, youll be sure to get plenty of laughs Maybe a scoff or two but dont let that ruin your fruity fun!


Inflatable Banana

So your doctor just told you you're way, way behind on your potassium intake. That's super important, because potassium has all kinds of health benefits (or so we've heard, anyway).

But it would take an entire pallet of bananas to get you caught up. It's an awesome fruit, but there's no way you could possibly eat the necessary amount (and plus, our financial advisors tell us banana prices are ticking upwards)!

That's why we suggest this super convenient, potassium-rich, and delicious Inflatable Banana! Okay, so you can't actually eat it (as yummy as it looks), but it has so many uses it might as well be as good as potassium (which we still totally recommend you get a dose of once in a while).

At over two feet long, its larger-than-life size matchers your awesome King Kong costume, and if it's not Halloween, this banana also just makes a great decoration. No home should be without one!


Inflatable Banana Adult Costume

Is your banana costume game slipping a bit lately? It happens to the best of us, but we may know just the trick for you to find it a"peel"ing again, and we promise, it doesn't involve a bunch more silly banana puns.

(except for that last one we just had to sneak in) This Inflatable Banana Costume is all you need to look fresh and perky! Everyone who's ever dealt with bananas knows that while they are delicious, nutritious, and much more convenient than any other kind of fruit out there, they have a tendency to go from not-quite-ripe to way-too-ripe in the blink of an eye.

If you can hit that sweet spot, when a banana is the perfect shade of golden yellow which indicates it's sweet and soft but not yet slimy, you'd better eat it, because in a few seconds it's going to be mushy and covered and fruit flies! (okay, maybe we're exaggerating a tad, but not by much) The same goes for many banana costumes.

They start out perfectly yellow and shapely, but as the party goes on, it gradually loses its pep. By the end of the night, you might as well be wearing a soggy yellow bean bag chair cover.

This wacky number solves that pep problem with the battery powered fan built right into it! Elastic around the arm and leg openings, and a drawstring around the face, creates a comfortable seal, so the fan can keep your peel taut and fluffed up all night long.

It's (for lack of a better term) bananas!

Inflatable Peeled Banana Adult Costume

Nature's Perfect Snack When you're feeling a little peckish, the first thing you think about is a delicious, nutritious treat to fill that hole inside you - but not just any treat. Ideally, it would have to be portable with its own tightly-sealed packaging to keep it from spilling all over before you're ready to dig in.

It would also be nice if the snack had a ton of potassium and was sweet without being seriously sugary. Does such a perfect food exist?

? Product Details If you're looking for a truly unique and totally awesome costume, we're pretty sure that this Inflatable Peeled Banana Costume for Adults will be very a-peel-ing to you!

(Sorry.) The one-piece costume fastens securely up the back to keep all of the air inside.

When fully inflated, it looks like a person-sized banana that's had the top third of its yellow peel flipped down over the arm holes. The "peeled" part of the banana has a hole for your face to poke through.

Monkey Business It's bananas how much fun you'll have in your fruit-inspired costume this Halloween! The outfit is big enough to make a stellar impact, but gives you enough movement to party hard with the rest of your friends.

Go all out in celebration of one of your favorite snacks, and blame all of your shenanigans on the fact that things are bound to get a little crazy when a banana is around. You might attract a lot of monkeys, but that just adds to the excitement.


Plus Size Banana Costume 1X

Why did the gorilla like the banana? Because it had great a-peel!

What with the bright yellow color, and fruity aroma, the gorilla had no chance against the tempting aura of this beloved fruit. This Halloween you can become every ape's favorite food when you wear this funny banana shaped costume.

Have you ever wanted to be that guy featured on the jumbo tron at a baseball game? Well you dreams are about to come true.

Normally, that lucky guy is dressed in some absurd get up, to ensure his getting noticed. Sometimes, it is even this here banana costume!

You can also wear this costume for that annual work costume party that you always feel exclude from. It is so hard to find a quick and easy costume nowadays, we get that, but this one is pretty remarkable.

It is one piece and can be put on in just seconds. All of your limbs will be free to move around, and your body will be encased in this yellow fruit.

So get yourself one of these irresistible Plus Size Yellow Banana Costumes, and be ready to be the center of any screen or party! The entire costume is 100% polyester, and is just the one banana peel bodysuit.

While this is a plus size banana costume, we do have a regular sized version, perfect for your entire family! Imagine if you had all of your family dress up as bananas for your annual Christmas Card.

It would be a most memorable year, thats for sure!