Care Bears Costumes

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Care Bears Deluxe Grumpy Bear Costume for Adults

THE ORIGINAL GRUMPY CAT When one finally arrives at adulthood, it (unfortunately) becomes unacceptable to pout. You have to put on your big kid pants and deal with your problems like an adult.

No amount of stomping, crying, or sulking will fix your issues. Your mom or dad isn't going to materialize right in front of you, sit youdown, and say, "this is what you need to do, kiddo.

" Nope, those days are long gone! Welcome to the real world; you better buckle your seatbelts because it's going to be a bumpy ride with lots of ups and downs.


Or on the other hand, you can revert back to your childish ways and pout if that's how you prefer to handleyour problems. Just make sure that you're wearing this Deluxe Grumpy Bear costume and you'll totally get away with acting immature.

The most irritable Care Bear is known for surly behavior, so no one will think twice if you let out a sigh of frustration and roll your eyes if things don't go your way! DESIGN & DETAILS This officially licensed adult costume consists of a super-soft and fluffy zip-up jumpsuit.

The cuddly garment features therain cloud belly badge and an attached headpiece with little bear ears. The mitts are also fastened to the sleeves of the jumpsuit for your convenience so they won't get lost during any Halloween escapades.

The included shoe covers stretch over feet so you're covered in lush blue fabric from head-to-toe. A BAD MOOD ESSENTIAL We'll just warn you, it's hard to feel crabby when you're outfitted in this plush costume.

Although, it does come in handy when you've been waiting in line at the DMV for three hours and all you want to do is throw an epic temper tantrum. Keep this costume handy for thoseunavoidablegrown-up situations!


Care Bears Deluxe Share Bear Hoodie Costume for Women

Share the Love Your middle name may as well be "generosity." Ever since you were a wee little thing, you've enjoyed watching people's faces light up when you gift them special itemshandwritten cards, fresh-baked muffins, your belovedconcert tee, half of your dessert at dinner.

Sharing is just in your nature! So when Halloween rolls around, everyone basically has two choices: they can opt for a costume that shows off their true self, or they can become someone else entirely!

And sure, it can be fun to go all alter-ego on All Hallows Eve, but we think we have something more up your alley. This Care Bears Women's Deluxe Share Bear Hoodie Costume is everything you want; it's cozy, sweet, nostalgic, and it shows off your big, generous heart.

Your palsoften the recipients of your many kindnesseswill get a kick out of this cute costume and may even join you as other members of the Care Bear crew! Fun!

Design & Details You grew up with the Care Bears, and always dreamed of living in Care-a-Lot. Well, here's your chance!

Slip onthis costume and then share it with the world. This look is comprised of a fleecy purple pullover hoodie with a zippered yoke and coordinated leggings.

The hoodie has cute bear ears and a little bear tail, as well as paw details and Share Bear's signature belly badge of two crossed lollipops. The leggings mirror that lollipop print on their shiny white base.

This officially-licensed look makes you appear like the happy, helpful little Care Bear you've always been, and will keep you cozy all Halloween long! Treat Yo'self A galwho gives as much as you do deserves to get something back from time to time!

This costume is the perfect way to treat yourself to something special this Halloween. After all, you'll likely give away all your candy to friends and family who really want it!

It's what you do.