Doctor Strange

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Doctor Strange Mystic Strange Black Hat

Sorcerer Strange Style Having the right accessories means everything when you are a wizard or sorcerer. You don't want to be wearing the black magic defense hat when you need the light magic boost headband.

Having the right supplements could be the difference between saving the day and having a bummer story to tell your fellow heroes or magic users. If you require the proper headwear, you must acquire thisDoctor Strange 2 Mystic Black Hat.

FUN Details Marvel Comics fans will appreciate trippy details from the Doctor Strange movies. Besides the fights at the end, those scenes might have been the best in the films.

It's also when we know we are in for quite a ride. Really this hat works for any Marvel or Doctor Strange fan looking for some solid headgear.

If that sounds like you, pick up this officially licensedDoctor Strange 2 Mystic Black Hat.

Doctor Strange Strange Spell Kid's Toy Blaster

A Blast Being a sorcerer has to be hard work. Especially when you have been tasked to protect a realm, timeline, or something of that sort.

All of the training probably takes forever, especially since spellcasters are usually very long-lived. What's taking 5 years to learn one spell when you have been alive since 1800?

They have all the time in the world! Well, we know you and your kid don't have time to get trained by top wizards, so we have the next best thing, ourDoctor Strange Strange Spell Toy Blaster.

FUN Details Graphic novels always make superhero training seem like a breeze. In 2 comic book issues, our heroes go from barely trained newbies to guardians of humanity.

We aren't complaining, as waiting 7 years for a superhero to power up is a bit too long of a wait. If you have an impatient sorcerer in training, this toy blaster will have them hopping realities (make sure you cast a solid return spell)!

This toy weapon fits nicely in hand. Kids' imaginations will go wild when they picture themselves as Doctor Strange, pulling the ripcord and blasting a spell right at Shuma Gorath.

If you or your kid require some Marvel accessories or just love Dr. Strange, this toy blaster is for you!


Dr. Strange 360 Character Socks

Steven's Socks Wear the right socks is essential when you are a wizard. You don't want socks that walk on water when you need them to walk on lava.

Yeah, that's a random example, but hey, it could happen. Well, we have some Doctor Strange socks that won't boost your MP but will definitely make you look good.

If you are a Marvel Comics fan in need of some fresh socks, you must acquire these officially licensedMarvel Dr. Strange Character Socks.


Marvel Doctor Strange Legends Series Eye of Agamotto

Strange Things Are Happening Going forward and backward in time is one of those fantasies that we all have at one point or another. If you could redo one day of your life, or re-experience one day, what would you pick?

In our office poll here at, we unanimously voted to redo the day that Doctor Strange came out in theaters so that we could watch it on the big screen again!

Were not sure that Strange would really approve of us meddling with time and space, since hes kind of a stickler for that whole protecting Earth thing that he does. But, if we have the Eye of Agamotto, we dont think there is much he could do to stop us!

Besides, he would probably grab some popcorn and rewatch the movie with us anyway! Finding Time Finding the right prop to complete your Doctor Strange costume can be a real hassle, but you will definitely be satisfied with this Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Series Eye of Agamotto.

The stand, gem, and pendant pieces all work together to realistically capture the prop from the movie. The gem lights up with the press of a button, and the prop will look great as a display piece all year long.

You will love having this around all year in case you ever need to pop back in time for anything!
$84.99 $69.99

Marvel Premium Doctor Strange Adult Costume

Supreme Sorcery What is the most powerful kind of magic? It's something that we're constantly curious about.

There are a host of different kinds of spellcasters. Youngster witches and warlocks, slinging spells from wands.

There are the mysterious old hags that dwell in the dark woods, stirring cauldrons filled with who knows what!?

And, of course, there are the wisened wizards of the grey and white orders that seem to gain their power by being evasive and aloof. But, of all the masters of magic out there, only one has truly risen to superhero status.


and all in a rather short time! Of course, we're talking about Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange.

He was already brilliant, holding a Ph.D.

and a medical degree, the ultimate surgeon. But with a few careful lessons from the seemingly immortal Sorcerer Supreme (and the mastery of the Eye of Agamotto), Strange is ready to take over the New York Sanctumand save the world!

Product Details If you think that you've got what is required to stake a claim on the infinite powers of arcane magic, then we're happy to offer you this Marvel Premium Doctor Strange costume. This elaborate costume is a complete ensemble designed to make you look like you opened a portal and stepped right out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(And, stepping into the role of Benedict Cumberbatch isn't the worst thing in the world!) The trousers, shirt, and robe are multiple shades of blue and the sash has the look of multiple belts woven together.

While the Cloak of Levitation won't help you fly, it will make you feel like you are soaring thanks to the width! Harness the power of the Eye of Agamotto amulet, too, because this will be the "time" of your life!

A Wiz at Witchcraft While everyone else is practicing their magical arts with the help of black cats and cauldrons, you can lead the mystic way as the Sorcerer Supreme. Flare your Cloak of Levitation and focus your arcane energy as Doctor Strange.

(Just watch where you're throwing those portals!)