Edward Scissorhands

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Edward Scissorhands Wig for Kids

Making the Cut Your child had the perfect hair for anEdward Scissorhands costume. So, you didn't think twice about it when they asked to be the Tim Burton character for Halloween.

But then you learned that your child has a similar passion for snips and clips. It was already too late when you found them gripping a pair of blue-handled safety scissors.

Their long, magnificently bedhead-prone hair was cropped short. It's only hair, you told yourself.

It'll grow back. But when and how well had you hunting for a suitable replacement to ensure your child's Halloween costume would still make the cut.

Design & Details Complete your kiddo's costume with our exclusive Edward Scissorhands Children's Wig. The officially licensed accessory quickly and easily transforms any youngster's head of hair into Edward's iconic 'do.

Wild tangles of black hair fibers stand tall, curl in, and droop just-so creating an expertly styled mop that complements our Made By Us Edward Scissorhands costume and gloves. Simply pull the mesh-lined wig over your child's own hair and they're ready to go!


Grand Heritage Edward Scissorhands Costume

"You see, before he came down here, it never snowed. And afterwards, it did.

If he weren't up there now, I don't think it would be snowing. Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it.

" On a hill overlooking a town is a large old house where an inventor created his masterpiece but he never had the time to finish it. This left Edward without real hands and having to live with scissors for hands.

Now you can look just like the kindhearted creation when you wear this Grand Heritage Edward Scissorhands costume. This is a great look for fans of the classic 1990 film.


Tim Burton Adult Edward Scissorhands Wig

A Helpful Hairdresser In some ways, Edward seems to be a man of contradictions. His appearance could be described as "scary," but it turns out that he's one of the sweetest people you could meet.

And while he has quite the talent for giving others rather artistic haircuts, his own head is less than well-groomed. However, we can't blame him for that.

Even folks with a perfect eye for hairstyling would be challenged by the task of doing their own do! On top of that, it seems like holding a brush would be quite the struggle for a guy who is only on the cutting edge.

Anyway, his messy mop gives him a distinctive style; if you want to look like him, you'll need to imitate it! Design & Details Edward's rather disheveled hairstyle is key to completing your costume!

Get the look easily with our Adult Edward Scissorhands Wig. This accessory was designed and Made By Us to help you imitate this classic character's hair.

The wig is made with high-quality synthetic fibers, styled into the perfect messy waves. The black fibers and chunky cut imitate Edward's appearance in the movie.

If you need an accessory to complete your Edward costume, this wig is the way to go!