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Guitar Purse Accessory

Carry On Your rock star costume came together pretty seamlessly. You found the full ensemble quickly and a killer multi-colored wig to top it off with no fuss.

Already a whiz with makeup, all you had to do was pick out the right colors to complement the outfit and hair. The only issue came down to how to instrument, well, an instrument into the look.

A foam microphone would be easy. But you felt that would give your costume more of a pop star vibenot what youre going for.

Drumsticks would easily add interest to the look, but youd either need to carry them half-hidden in your pocket or fiddle with them in your hands all night. The instrument you really want to rock is a guitar.

However, the idea of lugging one around on your shoulder for an entire costume party sounded heavy and not in a metal kind of way. Design & Details Complete your Halloween look with this Guitar Purse costume accessory!

This cherry red beauty is the perfect compromise between style and comfort. It's made from metallic leatherette to give it an authentic shine, but none of the weight of an actual guitar.

White, gold, and black appliqued details along with metal hardware ensure the costume purse is recognizable as a guitar. A chain-link shoulder strap adds an extra bit of edge and is a convenient way to carry this lightweight instrument.

Store the essentials for your night out inside the 7 x 7 x 2 zippered body to prove this Halloween accessory is as useful as it is cool!