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Tom Riddle's Diary Journal from Harry Potter

Not Your Usual Middle-School Diary Wherever did you find such an amazing journal? The leather cover is beautifully detailed, and the metal binding is just exquisite.

What a find! It's magnificent.

As a notebook, it's perfect for recording your impressions of Hogwarts, your struggles in learning to become a wizard, your infatuation with a certain Lily Potter, your certainty that you will some day rule the world..

.okay, and apparently it's also perfect for hiding a piece of your soul in so that you can become immortal and kill everybody.

That's one way to live your life. Product Details Become immortal in a really murdery way - or simply give your Harry Potter-themed party some fun decor - with this officially licensed Tom Riddle's Harry Potter Diary Journal!

The journal features a reusable faux-leather cover with metallic-looking corner protectors and a nameplate reading "Tom Marvolo Riddle." An attached ribbon bookmark lets you mark your place.

It comes with a lined travel journal insert that can be slipped in and out of its cover. It makes a perfect accessory for a Dark Lord costume and a great addition to a superfan's collection of Harry Potter memorabilia!