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Adult Tequila Bottle Tunic Costume

For a Good Time We don't know about you, but we think Halloween this year deserves a bit of extra celebration. It's been a doozy for ya!

And now, your favorite time of year is getting near. There is a chill to the air, everything is pumpkin spiced, and you get to think about what you're going to dress up as for your best bud's big bash.

And when we say "big bash," we really mean it! Rather than attending the party, why don't you embody it?

This Adult Tequila Bottle Costume is an easy way to make sure everyone around you is having fun. After all, that's what a tequila bottle does!

You can find a friend to dress as a wedge of lime, a shot glass, or a margarita glass, or you can strut around solo as everyone's favorite party favor. Whichever way you pour it, you're in for an amazing Halloween you'll never forgetunless you do too many tequila shots!

Product Details This costume is brilliant because it totally transforms you into a bottle of tequila (no easy feat!), but it's also laid back, low-key, and so easy to wear.

It's a simple pullover tunic that can be worn over your everyday black clothes. The front of the tunic is printed to look just like a bottle of tequila (top shelf, of course.

You don't deal with anything else), and the headpiece even turns your noggin into a bottle cap. Another Round We think you'll love your new life as a tequila bottle so much, you may just bring it back out throughout the year, whenever you're feeling festive.

Cinco de Mayo anyone?

Couple's Tequila Bottle & Lime Slice Costume

Couple's Night Out In order to find that special someone, you had to take a shotliterally and metaphorically speaking, that is. You had to admit you were open to love, you had to sign up for that online dating site, and you had to make the dreaded profile.

You had to actually respond to people, too, when they messaged you. But then, your future honey emerged and on that first night, you two crazy kids did a special shot to commemorate your meeting.



Now you two party animals are getting ready to tie the knot, but not before you put in a stellar Halloween performance. This Couple's Tequila Bottle and Lime Slice Costume is the perfect way to pair up with your partner on Halloween night.

It's a funny, easy-to-love, easy-to-wear duo that will get the party ramped up the moment you both arrive. Product Details This costume pair comes as two simple tunics you can wear over your own clothes (we suggest an all-black base for coordination) for comfort and ease.

One tunic is shaped like a tequila bottle and printed to look just like one ("top shelf," of course, only the best for you two), and the other is shaped and printed like a green lime slice. You simply can't enjoy one without the other!

Practice Makes Perfect On Halloween, you can hit the dance floor and roam the festivities together or meander around solo, and either way, everyone will know you belong together. Hey, it's all just practice for your big night, coming up.

Shots for everyone!


Fireball Shot Glass Adult Costume

Give it Your Best Shot Maybe your nickname is "the life of the party." Maybe you're best known for being a shy but caring wallflower.

Guess what? This Adult Fireball Shot Glass Costume works well for both personalities!

How is this possible? Allow us to explain!

Those of you with a proclivity to party and a penchant for pouring the drinks will feel right at home in this simple, sassy costume. You can team up with your best bud dressed as a bottle of Fireball for a dynamic duo appearance sure to brighten even the darkest of dance floors, or your can sashay through the soiree solo, tempting the thirsty faces of every passerby.

You'll be in your element party mode with your fave beverage close by your side. So close, in fact, you're wearing it!

But, this costume is also genius for those with a shyer nature. Because Fireball just brings out that side to people.

It's got aje ne sais quoiabout it. So if you're prone to hang back and watch the action, then this look will bring the party to you!

Product Details This simple tunic pulls over the head and sits atop your own everyday clothes for an easy-to-wear, feisty costume look you'll love. The front is printed to look like a full shot glass of your fave beverage, Fireball!

A Fiery Entrance Your arrival at the party will be a big deal when you show up looking like this. So make sure you time it well and bring a bottle of the good stuff with you!


Hair Brush Flask

Those Mooching Roommates Sometimes, you don't want to share. And why should you?

If you worked hard for something, then you shouldn't always have to share with everyone. Then, of course, there are those roommates who LOVE sharing.

You know the type we're talking about. They sneak into the cabinet when you're not around, drink all of your favorite adult beverage, and then claim that they'll pay you back later for it.

Spoiler alert: they won't. Well, now you can use your cunning to outsmart those would-be mooching friends.

Product Details This Hair Brush Flask helps you secretly stash your favorite beverage without anyone knowing what's inside. The cleverly designed container looks just like a normal hair brush.

You can use it to brush your hair, but all you have to do is open the secret compartment to access your cache of hidden liquid. You can use it for all of your high-quality potables, whether that means 6 oz.

of your favorite vodka, or 6 oz. of that very expensive root beer that you've been trying to save.

Be Safe We'd like to take this moment to remind you not to do anything illegal with this item. Actually, as a good rule of thumb, you should probably avoid doing anything illegal at any time!


Southern Comfort Bottle Black Adult Costume

Parties Well with Others Some costumes are hard to read. That person over there in the witch mask and hat could be a lot of fun,orthey might try to turn you into a toad.

That guy in the superhero villain outfit is probably a blast on the dance floor..

. as long as he doesn't try to unleash chaos on his nemesis's city.

But someone dressed in an oversized bottle of a surefire crowd pleaser - that guy is clearly going to be this party's MVP! Product Details Top off an amazing night with this officially licensed Black Southern Comfort Bottle Adult Costume!

The long tunic fastens up the back and is shaped like an oversized bottle. It's printed all over with graphics that make it look as though it's filled with amber-colored liquid and decorated with the famous Southern Comfort label.

The "neck" of the bottle features a hole for your face, and is topped with an attached headpiece printed to look like a cap. Who Wants a Refill?

This costume is completely awesome all on it's own: You're the star of the show everywhere you go! But it would also be amazing when paired with a friend's plastic cup outfit, or a mixed cocktail, or even an appetizer costume.

And when you're wearing your Southern Comfortandholding a glass of it in your hand? Well, it's not hard to tell that you're a legend in the making.

Your dance moves and fun times will be retold in party legends.

Whisky Bottle Adult Costume

It's Worth a Shot All work and no play make you dull, as you know. But all play and no work?

Well, that's what makes Halloween, Halloween!You've been putting in a lot of hours at the office, skipping out on plans with pals, and burning the candle at both ends.

So, if you need to let loose this holiday, there's no better way to ensure a fun night than by showing up as everyone's favorite party favor. This Adult Whisky Bottle Costume can transform you into an in-demand party guest who will spend the night surrounded by adoring fans.

And BONUS, by wearing this comical getup, you'll ensure you don't arrive "empty-handed" to anyone's Halloween bash. Everyone will be so happy to see you, you will instantly forget all about the emails and meetings waiting for you at the office Monday morning.

That's the power of a good costume! Design & Details Simple, straightforward, and unburdened by complicated elements this costume is just like a good bottle of whisky.

It's an easy-to-wear pullover tunic that tops your own pants shoes and shirt (if you choose). The black fabric creates the bottle base, while the hood makes your head into the bottle's neck and cap.

A printed label on the front finished the look and ensures you'll be recognized as the welcome guest you are! Life of the Party Whether you choose to actually imbibe whisky or not this Halloween, you'll infuse your night with fun simply by wearing this costume.

Don't believe us? Try wearing it to do a simple errand like going to the post office and see if it doesn't liven things up a bit!