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Men's Knee-High Mismatched Pirate Socks

When you're a pirate, you don't care if your clothes match. Trust us, after months at sea, you'd take whatever clothes you could find too.

There's no time for coordinating your hat and coat, let along finding two stockings that match. A pirate's mission is to find practical clothes.

What's practical? Anything whole, non blood-stained, and not frighteningly odorous of course.

So if you're feeling like becoming a pirate yourself, you're practically obligated to wear an outfit that doesn't match. You might even need to smear on some dirt and rip a few hems just so the other pirates take you seriously.

But if you're assembling your pirate ensemble, you mine as well get a pair of socks that are mismatched for you already. For example, our Knee-High Mismatched Pirate Socks are completely different.

One has bold black and white stripes and the other is brown and printed with a wood grain (in case you feel like having a peg leg without actually severing a limb). Your feet and their pirate-wear will be covered.


Orange/Green Flintlock Pirate Pistol

PLUNDER YOUR BLUNDERBUSS! Whether you're sailing the high seas or trying to rule the secret pirate island, you are going to eventually be up against a steady host of competition for your booty and prized ship.

A good cutlass is great for when the enemy gets up to your grill, but it is important to have all the gear to stop them from even getting there! You wouldn't sail your ship on the seven seas without a powerful cannon to keep the other pirates from getting you, so you wouldn't want to head out on shore without your ownpersonal one either!

PRODUCT DETAILS That's where this Pirate Pistol is the perfect weapon to keep at your side. This hard molded plastic gun looks just like the iconic early guns of our pirate pals and is colored green and orange to ensure public safety.

The working trigger releases a firing pin for a popping good time. ALL THE GOLDEN GOODIES There might not be a wealth of golden doubloonsout there for you and your kiddos to recover, but this plastic blunderbuss is the perfect accessory to ensure that thechocolate coins and other delicious gems are yours for the taking!

$9.99 $7.99

Pirate Princess Wig for Girls

"Avast, ye cur, royal highness ahoy!" There's not a lot of people pirates will maintain respect for.

The raiding, ship stealing life doesn't lend itself to kowtowing to anyone with a royal title. When your daughter was found as a stowaway, off the coast of Barbados, those sea salt hardened hearts opened up a bit.

First, the captain kept putting off making her walk the plank. Then, the cook in the galley started slipping her the best bits of hard tack.

Soon enough the crew were bringing her little trinkets and singing her sea shanties. Your daughter has taken to the pirate's life but it's not all bad.

We hear she's been teaching those scallywags some manners. They almost never spit on deck and they even ask one another to pass the rum rather than grabbing for it.

They're the most civilized crew in the Caribbean. Who knows why they chose her as their leader?

Maybe it's her charm, maybe it's her fantastic curls with pink highlights. Either way, this life seems to suit her.

We're sure she'll visit home someday, after all, she's the one who tells them where to steer the ship these days!

Rubies Face Pirate Makeup

Any good pirate who's worth his sword has got to have a few scars here and there. And chances are because of the lack of showers or a decent extra water supply the cuts are going to be a little infected.

Also believe it or not the pirates used to use black makeup or tar or anything they could put around their eyes in order to prevent the sun's bright rays from hurting their vision too much. We guess they weren't all that dumb after all, were they?

We're going to guess that you don't have any crazy scars on your face. So here's some great Scurvy Pirate Makeup to help you create a few temporary ones to add to your already sweet pirate costume.

Yer'll look like a bloodthirsty buccaneer, capable of the most gruesome acts. But you won't actually look like one, right?


Women's Sexy Buckle Pirate Boots

What do all pirates have in common? That is, besides a surly disposition, a love of the sea, and an unquenchable hunger for booty (we mean treasure, obviously)?

If you said They always pay off their gambling debts on time, and happily share their grog with their fellow pirates, we honestly don't know if that's true or not, but we're leaning toward not. The answer we were looking for is, They're all fans of awesome pirate boots!

And not just regular old awesome pirate boots; but dashing, roguish boots with buckles all over them, just like these Sexy Buckle Pirate Boots! These fierce faux leather boots are the perfect footwear for pillaging and plundering your way across the high seas in style.

The provocative heels and alluring cuffed tops are also a sassy look for strutting and shaking your booty around a costume dance party with your swashbuckling crew! We'll leave it up to you to decide if we were still talking about treasure that time.