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Buttercup Peasant Dress Costume for Girls

Was your little girl so over fairy tales until she saw The Princess Bride? Maybe not, maybe the nineties classic simply stoked an already kindled interest in that true love storyline.

Either way, at least those high pitched cartoons can be putasidefor a movie that you can enjoy with your child. Who can get enough of this movie withitswitty dialogue, classic storyline, and oh so cheesy sets?

You don't often see plastic molded boulders and painted backdrops thesedays!What'syour daughter's favorite scene?

Does she quiver with anxiety as the man in black climbs the Cliffs of Insanity? Does she know all the rhymingdialogueasFezzikand Inigo are tormenting theiremployer?

Or Maybeshe gets into rooting for the reunited couple as they make their way through thetreacherousFire Swamp. If she's like most Princess Bride fans then she simply can't choose.

She probably loves every scene, even when that sick kid interrupts thestory! Well, it turns out, thisHalloween she can look just like the strong willed Buttercup with this exclusively designed gown.

The dress will be a staple in her dress up clothes collection with lush full sleeves and fitted cuffs. The empire waist design is tied at the waist with a golden belt making this a great look for either everyday palace wearorspecial occasionFire Swamp escape apparel.

Whether your daughter is wearing this for trick-or-treatingor simply for fun she'll be sure to get into the role. Just make sure she's better at fighting those R.


S's then the original Princess, we know she's got more gumption than that!

Buttercup Wig from The Princess Bride

Whether you're getting abducted by a short Sicilian in the woods, arguing with the Dread Pirate Roberts, or facing an unwanted forced marriage to an evil prince, you always do it with dignity. Sure, you've made some mistakes in the past but you never lose your cool.

No, no pathetic tears come to your eyes as you demand answers or confront villains. Here's the thing that's always confused us, you swam through eel-infested waters, were carried up a windy cliff, stumbled through the Fire Swamp and you were almost swallowed by the lightning sands in the process, and after all that, your hair is looking gorgeous.

How did you do it? Oh, a wig?

Well, that seems obvious. In this wig with beaded cap, you'll never have to worry about your do' going astray as you're fighting those R.


S. again.

A great head of hair without fiddling with a curler? That's what we call twue wove.


Princess Bride 6 Fingered Glove for Adults

The One We've Been Searching For Have you ever looked out on the horizon at sunset and wondered if someone out there was thinking about you? Here's the thing, you've got to be careful what you wish for.

How do you know that the"someone" out there is thinking good thoughts? Maybe the kid you stole a cookie from in first grade has been plotting a dessert-relatedrevenge ever since!

Okay, okay. Maybe we shouldn't go around making the world's population more paranoid than it already is.

Want to know what it would feel like to have some serious enemies? Contemplate Prince Humperdink's assistant from The Princess Bride.

That guy had to know that somewhere out there, there was a man or two that wanted to bring him down. This glove will have you fearing revenge seeking swordsmen in no time!

Product Details This licensed Princess Bride six-fingered man glove can easily be applied to transform you into the infamous man who killed Inigo's father for a hand-crafted sword. Simply pair it with a Renaissance man outfit, act like a jerk, and you'll be a party hit!

Always prepared Inigo Montoya was nice enough to introduce and explain himself before attacking his long-hunted arch enemy. However, when you slip into this glove, you'll instantly know that that Spaniard with some serious dueling skills will be knocking down your door any minute.

So pair up with Prince Humperdink, use Buttercup as a shield, do what you need to do. Inigo Montoya is coming for you sooner or later.

$12.99 $14.99

Princess Bride Buttercup Costume Wedding Dress

A RADIANT WISH COME TRUE Finding true love certainly isn't easy. It's not every day that the extremely loyal (and cute) farmhand working for your family, turns out to be the one meant for you.

Most folks in the kingdom just aren't up to snuff. Why, for every handsome, charming, and caring Westley out there, a dozen Prince Humperdincks are out there, only managing to be a sneaky, conniving mongoose of a man.

That's why, when someone finds their true love, it is nearly a requirement to wear something that will catch that true love's attention and get them ready to make your every wish come true! Wear something that's both pure and radiant, so you can marry your one and only!

Of course, Buttercup picked the perfect dress for this occasion, which we've recreated with this exclusive costume from The Princess Bride! DESIGN & DETAILS We know what you're thinking.

We're fans of the movie too! That's why our in-house design team worked so hard to craft this love, Made By Us look.

We know that Buttercup wore this azure blue dress during her wedding day with Prince Humperdinck, but she was really wearing it for her true love and we went to long lengths to get the look of this Buttercup wedding dress just right. The long-sleeve pullover dress is a soft blue color with a zipper along the seem for an easy fit.

The bodice has cord lacing for a delightfully Medieval style. The costume also comes with a sparkling crown, befitting of a woman about to become the Princess of Florin (even if you're really just waiting for your farmhand).

THE NEXT STEP OF THE PLAN It'll be up to you to figure out how to foil Prince Humperdinck's plans. (You can't expect Westley to do it all, right?

) The good news is that with this licensed costume, you'll be all ready for your wedding when the Dread Pirate Roberts-Westley shows up to help you deal with the Evil Prince.


Princess Bride Buttercup Peasant Dress Costume for Toddlers

AS YOU WISH Although you're not living under Prince Humperdinck's rule (thank goodness), there are a few parallelsbetween your life and the plot in The Princess Bride. As a devoted parent,(you're doing a great job, mom and dad), a majority of your busy life is spent making sure your little princess is happy and well-cared for.

This is an endless job that takes up most of the day, every day of the week. Every morning before she leaves tocatch the school bus, you make sure she has a healthy lunch packed and her bookbag full of the necessary supplies for her day.

You also make sure her hair is brushed and she's dressed properly for the weather. If she calls from school needing something, you say "As you wish", drop everything you're working on, and drive to the school to give her whatever she wants.

In a way, you'reWestley and your little one is Princess Buttercup. It's a fitting costume since your princess has a lot of demands and you love filling them.

Use this costume as one-half of an adorabledaughter/parent costume, perfect for parents born in the 80's. DESIGN & DETAILS The officially licensed Made by Us costume is an exclusivedesign, you can only find right here.

The Princess Bride toddler Buttercup costume comes with two pieces, the dress and coordinating belt. The red dress features a peasant-style with belled sleeves, fitted cuffs, anda mandarin collar.

The draped red fabric hangs to the floor in true gown-like fashion while the golden brocade ribbon-style belt cinches around the waist to complete the look. COSTUME ROYALTY Go down in the Halloween picture hall of fame.

Outfit your daughter in this costume and wear our officially licensed Westley costume to turn the spookiest season into a happily ever after.


Princess Bride Westley Costume for Boys

TIME FOR A STORY! How good is your childatserving outthose one-liners?

A one-liner can go a long way. If your child seems tough and sensitive at the same time you might give him extra ice cream without even realizing it!

Usually, we don't like it when our children talk back..

. but when your kiddo offers up a rebuttal that comes directly from the glorious characters ofThe Princess Bride, is it even possible to resist?

Why would anyone not want to reward such style!?

We all know this movie is chock full of awesome quotes that most of us have been repeating for twenty years now. It's about time this generation caught up with the wonder of this 90s classic!

If your kiddo has the style and grace to land these lines, we've got a look that is going to make it even more amazing. Just say that you need a little Westley costume for your kiddo and youknow how we are going to respond!

DESIGN & DETAILS It's time for the officially licensed Westley costume from The Princess Bride.This costume is complete with a black lace-upshirt,waist sash, and black pants you know of the Dread Pirate Roberts.

You'll even get the black head scarfand gloves. Of course, the look wouldn't be complete without the black eye mask.

Pair it withButtercup,Fezzik, and Inigo Montoya to make your good guy team complete and, this time, we're happy to say it for you: have funstormin' da castle! AS YOU WISH!

Honestly, we want nothing more than everyone to enjoy an amazing costume and when it comes fromThe Princess Bride, it is even better! This Westley costume for your kiddo is a wish that we'rehappy to grant.

We'd love to hear about the quotes your tyke is going to shout!