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1 oz Blood & Liquid Latex Duo Set

Bloody Well Done Its hard being a zombie, theres no doubt about that. The moaning and groaning wear on your voice after a while.

The slow, shambling gait means that it takes forever to get anywhere at all. The pieces of your body that rot and fall off are irreplaceable parts of yourself that you have grown and cherished over the course of a lifetime.

So, with all that stress in their day-to-day un-life, what zombie needs to worry about not having their makeup just right? None of them do, thats who.

No rotting monster deserves the extra stress of not having the look that they want as they slowly move in a shuffling mass of witless undead. All that stress leads to stress-eating brains like theres no tomorrow, and that is just bad all around.

Effort Not in Vein Thats why we have invented this 1 oz Blood and Liquid Latex Duo pack. When you are stressed about having a face thats too smooth, or not enough blood on the outside of your undead cadaver, use this!

It will give you that perfect, rotting-corpse look that you want, with none of the hassle of having to rot for years in the sun yourself. It just makes sense!


13.5Fl oz of Vampire Blood

We went above and beyond to provide this vampire blood for you! We broke into a well-known vampire lair (ahem, Dracula, ahem) and robbed him of his blood that he hoards.

You can thank us later! This blood looks and flows like real blood!

So whether you are in a theatrical production in need of some of the gooey red stuff or you want to amp up your Halloween costume, this is just what you need! This fake blood is a 13.

5 fluid ounce bottle that makes for easy dispensing and application. You can use this blood with a sponge for a realistic zombie or wound look or you can simply pour from the bottle onto a costume or appendage for a look that's just oozing.

We know that costumes are all about the details. It's what sets a good costume apart from a great one and it's what makes it authentic and realistic.

Maybe you want to add a little gore to your look, or maybe you just need to give your vampire costume it's final touch, this liquid fake blood is the perfect Halloween accessory.

Adhesive Tape for Theater

For Want of a Beard Some of us arent blessed with the ability to grow facial hair as needed. Wouldnt it be delightful to wake up with a glistening handlebar mustache on the day you feel like dressing as a swaggering pirate, or find yourself with a luxuriant blonde beard when youre in a Viking-like mood?

It would certainly make getting ready for Halloween easier! Fortunately, you arent at the mercy of your hair follicles.

We have a product that can give you whatever scruff you need, whenever you need it! No, its not magic, but if you want to call us Master Sorcerers, thats totally fine.

Product Details No disguise is too difficult with Theatrical Adhesive Tape! If you need a quick beard, a Groucho Marx-esque nose, or even a gaping chest wound, this extra-sticky double-sided tape is perfect for your purposes.

Simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick away!

Alien Horns Costume Accessory Set

From a galaxy far, far away comes the terrifying Darth Maul. He may be trained in the ways of the Sith, but has a pretty cool style.

You may not be as scary naturally as Darth Maul, but we can share a secret with you. He uses fake horns to look so good!

With the Alien Horns Set you can be just like him. Paired with some face paint your look can be just as scary!

There are 5 latex horns that come with this set. They can easily be attached with spirit gum, which is sold separately.

Become a lovable villain by sprouting some horns and rocking the night away. Or, maybe pretending to be Darth Maul around the house and swinging a light saber to scare your cat.

Either way it will be a great time!

Beauty Botched Makeup Kit

the long sleep So, like so many others, you've woken up on an operating room table and..

.the world has ended.

Yikes, this should be interesting. Folks who found access to the radio waves are coming up with excuses but long story short, there was an outbreak and half the world's population are zombies.

The reporters are not saying the biochemical plant upstream had anything to do with it but they aren't saying it had nothing to do with it either. Of course, you've got a chance to live!

You've prepared for this! But before you think about how to fill your starved tummy and satiate those parched lips -- before you think about how to defend yourself amidst apocalyptic conditions -- you remember.

product details You were getting a facelift! The turn must have happened mid-operation!

Because when you look in the mirror, the person staring back looks like a half-finished art project. Your face is barely hanging on, and your nose and lips aren't proportional any longer.

What a disaster. This latex and cream Botched Beauty Makeup Kit will get you just that sort of look.

Best of all, the application instructions on the packaging, and the fact that it washes off with just warm water and soap, make it a cinch to get in on that fantasy and back out. You wouldn't want to spend too long in that reality, after all.


Champ Bite Applique

Take that chomp like a Champ You've seen a variety of zombie movies. It's hard to get enough of the violent disaster scenario even if you're the type to shield your eyes during the gory parts.

It's all the survival, scavenging, and finding good places to hole up through a storm of the dead. But there are those serious mistakes zombie survivors always seem to make.

For one, everyone always gets on the road and panicked drivers will always make for traffic jams. Secondly, people are always yelling out and attracting more zombies when they're bitten.

They're going down making a ton of noise and attracting more enemies. How rude!

You can be different, take your bite like a champ with this handy, dandy bite applique. Hey, it's just a flesh wound.


we're sure you'll be okay! Product Details Ready to take your first bite?

Apply this bloody bite to your neck with spirit gum and you'll get an inside scoop of what it feels like to be part of the undead downfall. Undead Dining Now that you've got this wound, you have to decide what your bites backstory is.

Were you cornered trying to fight your way out of a cabin in the woods? Were you on a supply run?

You've got the bite now indulge in the drama!