Willy Wonka Costumes

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Child Oompa Loompa Costume

Oompa Loompa, doopety-doo, we have a perfect puzzle for you, Oompa Loompa doopety-duss, if you are wise you'll listen to us! Okay, we'll knock off that rhyming stuff, because we're not really employees of Willy Wonka's infamous chocolate factory (or house of candy horrors depending on who you talk to).

Just because we don't work there doesn't mean we don't have an opinion about it. We've seen the movies.

We know what happens there. Kids falling into chocolate rivers.

Girls becoming blueberries. Soda that makes you float into fan blades and your assumed demise.

In other words, it's a headline waiting to happen. That headline?

"MOST AMAZING PLACE IN THE WORLD ALSO HAS COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF CHOCOLATE!" Kids have unique ambitions when they're young, and working at the world's biggest candy wonderland is probably one of them.

These are good goals in our opinion. There are far worse things than that.

But if he's going to get started down this new career path, he needs the right look. This child Oompa Loompa costume is exactly what he needs to get noticed by the purple-suited man himself, Willy Wonka.

Well, actually, he'll look exactly like all the other Oompa Loompa's, but what he lacks in visual individuality he'll make up for with intense, unbridled enthusiasm for sugar. When the day comes and he slaps that application down on the front desk we just know he's going to get that job.


Chocolate Factory Worker Kids Costume

Who wouldn't want to make candy and yummy goodies for one of the coolest guys around - the world-renowned candy warehouse owner! This Kids Chocolate Factory Worker Costume will turn you into a jolly orange worker with the best job in town.

One of the perks is you get to sample all the delicious treats! Generations young and old can appreciate this iconic costume making it a perfect choice for all of your Halloween adventures.

Make your dreams of chocolate rivers and life-size gummy bears come to life when you dress in this kids chocolate factory worker costume. Working with the candy man himself has never been so easy as when you dress your kids and your family in these authentic candy creator costumes.

We have adult and toddler costumes as well, so you can start your own candy factory! Whether you want to learn how to make your own candy or are just looking for a fun and entertaining Halloween costumes for your kids, this affordable and high-quality costume is a great choice.

We also have all of the accessories you need to take the costume to the next level including face makeup, gloves, and more! This chocolate factory worker costume is made of 100% polyester interlock knit fabric and comes with a brown pullover shirt that has striped cuffs and a mock-turtle neck.

The white knickers have attached suspenders and brown buttons. These knickers are complemented by the brown and white boot covers.

Top it all off with a green synthetic wig and youll be ready for a walk through the candy-filled factory just like the rest of the candy factory workers!

Chocolate Factory Worker Tots Costume

If we had to guess, we'd say just about every single kiddo in the world would love working in a chocolate factory. With our exclusive Toddler Chocolate Factory Worker Costume, your little one will be ready for their first day at their dream job!

As amazing as making all of those scrumptious candy and chocolate treats would be, they've got to remember that it's still a workplace. The local chocolate factory owner doesn't mind it when the employees play around and randomly break into song (in fact, he enjoys the show!

) but he might get a bit grouchy if it starts getting in the way of candy making. Luckily though, these very talented employees are known for their multitasking skills, and singing a quirky song while operating complicated looking equipment is as easy as pie to them.

Or, even as easy as a piece of pie-flavored chewing gum! Your little one couldn't look more adorable in this costume, which we've designed to look just like the helpers from the classic movie and children's book!

The turtleneck-style shirt and overall-style pants have elastic around the waste and cuffs, for comfort, and the striped shoe covers match the cuffs and collar. It also comes with a wavy green wig, so all you need to do is put some orange makeup on them to transform them into the cutest helper in the whole chocolate factory!

Just make sure they don't go swimming in the chocolate river, and they'll have a blast!